Countdown to 2020: Drug Testing Info by Industry (Day 6)

by The True Negative

On New Year’s Eve, we’ll reveal the industry where users have reported the most drug tests. See the industries/companies we revealed in Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 of the countdown. Today’s industry is the services industry. When we say services, we’re referring to companies whose primary method of making money is from providing services to customers rather than producing and/or selling a product. Note that financial services companies were covered in Day 3 of our countdown and IT services companies were covered on Day 2. Below are the companies in the services industry that drug test:

Services (21 companies)
Clicks Billiards Inc
Delta Global Services
Deluxe Entertainment Services
Dovenmuehle Mortgage
Jones Brothers Trucking
New Century Auto Group
Prime Electric
Puzon Law
Society Insurance
Staff Management
Stewart Title
TForce Final Mile
The Salon Professional Academy
Woodstream Corp

Do these companies drug test all employees? Click on each company to find out the specifics. Do you work for a services company? Contribute to our growing community by submitting your drug testing experience here.

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