Countdown to 2020: Drug Testing Info by Industry (Day 4)

by The True Negative

On New Year’s Eve, we’ll reveal the industry where users have reported the most drug tests. See the industries/companies we revealed in Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of the countdown. Our Day 4 industry is the industry with the fourth fewest number of reported drug tests: retail/consumer goods. Below are the retail/consumer goods companies that users have reported drug test. Note that we’ve included Amazon here, even though it could arguably be counted as a tech company (see Day 2 of the countdown).

Not going to lie, we were surprised to see some of the companies that made it to this list. Given that according to HireRight, employment drug tests cost $30-$50 per employer, it came as a surprise to us that we would see drug testing in an industry typically associated with minimum wage, high turnover roles. If you click on a company below and filter the data by “Job Title,” you will see in the drop down the job titles of those who submitted drug testing information (no titles means users have not provided this information). While some of the retail/consumer goods submissions were for corporate headquarter roles, a Kroger clerk reported being drug tested as well as a Target cashier.

Retail/Consumer Goods (12 companies)
Dairy Queen
Home Depot
Mathews Archery
Walmart Stores
Procter & Gamble

Do these companies drug test all employees? Click on each company to find out the specifics. Do you work for a retail or consumer goods company? Contribute to our growing community by submitting your drug testing experience here.

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