Countdown to 2020: Drug Testing Info by Industry (Final Day)

by The True Negative

As a recap, see the industries/companies we revealed in days 1-7 of the countdown:
Day 1: Oil and Gas/Energy
Day 2: IT/Tech
Day 3: Finance
Day 4: Retail/Consumer Goods
Day 5: Government/Non-Profit/Education
Day 6: Services
Day 7: Industrials/Manufacturing

The number one industry should not come as a surprise given that it’s the largest employer in the U.S.: healthcare. As of today, we have 34 organizations that users have reported drug test. A very high proportion of these are hospitals and health systems, while we also have some pharma companies and health insurance companies mixed in. This isn’t the first time drug testing in the healthcare industry has come to our attention. In August, we looked at the top 5 healthcare organizations that drug test.

Looking for a job in healthcare? See the list below and be prepared when you receive your job offer!

Healthcare (34 companies)
Acadian Ambulance
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Centura Health
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cone Health
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
GE Healthcare
Greenway Health
Harris Regional Hospital
Heritage Ridge
Inter American Clinical Services
Kaiser Permanente
Laboratory Sciences of Arizona
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
Marshfield Clinic Health System
Memorial Medical Center
Mount Carmel Health System
Northwest Hospital
Ochsner Health System
St. Coletta of Wisconsin
Tampa Outpatient Surgery Facility
The Counseling Center
UnitedHealth Group
University of Pennsylvania Hospital
Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Do these companies drug test all employees? Click on each company to find out the specifics. Do you work for a healthcare company? Contribute to our growing community by submitting your drug testing experience here.

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